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Posting New/More Items

Hey everyone. I know I've been away for a while.. yeah, life happens. But, anyways, I am BACK and am planning on posting up some more (and/or new) items to be sold or traded on here :D. Look forward to an update(s) soon!!!

Thanks for your patience and patronage!

Shipping + Other Important Information


I will accept Paypal and Concealed Cash (at your own risk).

Prices can be negotiated if you so choose, :D~~


~ Shipping costs are not included in the actual prices (unless otherwise noted).. Costs will vary depending on where the buyer wants the item(s) shipped to and what kind of shipping he/she would like [Costs will be calculated for each individual buyer]

~ Of course, being that I live in the US, shipping costs will be cheaper for those in the US. However, I am willing to ship overseas ^-^.

~ [Shipping to US ONLY] I usually ship first-class, unless if the item(s) is/are too heavy (if it is too heavy, I will ship priority).. but I offer quotes for first-class AND priority mail shipping. If you'd like another type of shipping, please tell me ^-^.

~ [International Shipping] I ship first-class international for almost all packages since the weight limit for international packages is 4 lbs (8.8 kg). I will only quote first-class, but if you want me to check the cost of another type of shipping, just ask ^^.

Example of shipping costs: Within the US
- Flat rate for magazines/photobooks: $4.95 priority (too heavy for 1st-class)


ALL of these items are in great condition. For Manga, Doujinshis, and Magazines-- I have flipped through them each only a couple of times each :). For everything else-- they are completely new, unless otherwise noted!

The holiday season just passed, and I think I'm done buying things for the moment.. However, I am now open to trades if you have anything on my [[wishlist]] -- or if you have something that you think might interest me, just ask.


If you have any other questions about conditions, actual artwork (if you want scans/pics of the artwork inside), etc -- just comment on the appropriate entry or e-mail me at uchi.sama[at]gmail[dot]com ^_____^.

Current Orders~

Current Order Statuses:

[12/29/2011] - No current orders

Yaoi Manga and Doujinshi

[UPDATE 01.01.10]: Reduced prices on several items (new prices indicated in red)

Yaoi/BL Manga and Manga Anthologies for sale :). Mangaka include: Naono Bohra, Matusmoto Temari, Sakuragi Yaya.... etc!

Yaoi MangaCollapse )

Shounen-Ai, Gag, and Yaoi Doujinshis for sale here. Fandoms include "Prince of Tennis", "Hunter x Hunter", "Hikaru no Go", "Guilty Gear", etc Ask if you want to see inside pics :D!

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Here's where you can leave feedback about my sales/shipping/etc etc :D! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to leave me some feedback!

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Hey everyone. I'm back from Hiatus... with many new items fresh from Japan :D! So I will resume taking orders!

Thank you for understanding, everyone!!


Hi everyone :D. I have shipped out everyone's orders & hope that all of the packages arrived already!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be away from June 13-August 1. (Going to Japan~)

So I'm putting this selling journal on hiatus since I can't really send things that I don't have in my possession while I'm in Japan :D.

Thanks for your understanding!

Various Anime or Game Goods

Various anime/game goods like posters and figures for sale :D

Code Geass, Bleach, Tales of Abyss, Katekyo Hitman RebornCollapse )